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Manjubani Sen Sarkar

Born on 11 th January,1943.Her father was Narendra Nath Sarkar , mother Binapani sarkar. Her husband was Ashim Chandra Sen. She graduated with honours from Krishnagar govt. college and made M.A. from Calcutta University . She joined in research work under Dr. Khudiram das . Her subject was comparison between “ Prachin Rasa Sastra and Vaishnab Vakti rasa”. After marriage she became very much involved in her family life. In the mean time unfortunately Dr. Khudiram Das expired . So,She could not finished the research work. After some time she joined a higher secondary school ‘Aravinda Vidya Mandir’ and also served in Victoria College . She joined in Netaji open University and served there for long 15 years . In 2005 on 5th September, Teacher’s day she was awarded from West Bengal Pradesh Congren teacher Committee . One time she was regular writer in “Udbodhan Patrika” of Ram Krishna Mission . She wrote a book “Biplabi Nerendra Nath” . About her freedom fighter father Narendra Nath Sarkar. In the mean time she completed her research work and published the book “Chaitanya Deber Prem Dharma and Nabajagarran.”


Other than these are some works of her. Please have a look.

Writing OF Manjubani Sen Sarkar In Trinankur